Trendy Jewelry to Accessorize Your Bridesmaids

Every fantastic dress deserves the excellence of an accessory. Here are a few ideas to make your bridesmaids sparkle on your special day.

Let Your Bridesmaids Choose

You chose your bridesmaids. They’re important women in your life — your best ally from childhood, your future sister-in-law, your officemate. Let their individuality shine through. Especially if they will all be wearing the same bridesmaid’s dress, dissimilar accessories can support extricate them from a cookie-cutter look. Ask your bridesmaids to select their own necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and purses. That’s what I did for mine. All I asked is they wear their personalized cutesy shirts I made for them when we all got ready. These were super cute. I got them white tunic tops to wear over leggings that I also had made special for this once in a lifetime event.  The combo was simply adorable and looked great in our pre wedding photos!

When it comes to accessorizing, you can give them some parameters — stay in the pearl family, wear crystalware accessories. You can also give guidelines, for instance, wear a necklace and earrings, no bracelets please. It’s probably a good concept for you to reserve veto energy over what your bridesmaids appoint for accessories. Then you’ll dodge being surprised by a fake fur collar on your wedding day. Another note: consistency is not necessarily important — some bridesmaids can appoint to wear pearls, others may go bare-necked. It all works.

Don’t Wear Any!

Another option is to request your maids to forego accessories altogether, except for maybe a pair of easy earrings. Maybe the bridesmaid’s dress is already sparkly and more jewelry would be overkill. Which brings up another point: when accessorizing your bridesmaids, remember that easy is elegant. They don’t need to be dripping in jewels. One individual sparkling bracelet on your maids’ wrists can complement the sleeveless or strapless dresses that are so famous right now.

Theme Em Up

Try not to have your bridesmaids copy your own style on your wedding day. If you will be wearing a chunky pearl choker, they can wear an easy strand of pearls. If you will be wearing ethnically-inspired accessories, they can try to wear something that matches. If you are wearing several pieces of jewelry as a part of your headpiece, your maids can each wear one such clip in their hair.. Similar accessories can support unify the feeling of your wedding. Think of using flower accessories — jewelry shaped like daisies or other flowers. strive a geometric motif for your bridesmaids. Or go for an antique (or faux-antique) look. The concept is to create a special look that works together aesthetically.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Request your maids to leave their watches at home. Your wedding day is not a day to worry about moment ticking away. It’s a day to enjoy and savor, so you don’t want maids constantly looking at the time.

Shoes…..Yes Shoes

Shoes can be a sticky subject for bridesmaids. After spending the cash to purchase the dress, they may not want to part with more funds to purchase the pink sandals you chose. If your maids will be dressed in the same frocks, it does look good if they wear the same shoes. Strive to find a lower priced pair of shoes that still have fantastic style and spare your maids a heart ambush. This is not the moment to appoint Manolo Blahniks or Prada. You can find stylish shoes, let’s say a pair of trendy, strappy sandals, that your maids might love to wear after your wedding. As for color, gold is a tried and true color to go with various colored bridesmaids dresses, and would be good colors for future use. a low-priced, easy pump that can be dyed any color is also a good route to go. Also, a moderate heel height, two inches, is a nice decision for your maids who want to be comfortable and not teeter. strive to stay away from flats, especially if your maids are under five-foot-eight. Shoe height helps give hips and legs and extended look, complementing most bridesmaids’ dresses.

If your maids will be wearing dissimilar dresses, they can also wear dissimilar shoes. In this case, you might want to check their choices before the wedding. If the maids will be similarly dressed, but the dresses are floor-length, it might be okay for them to wear dissimilar shoes. You decide.


Your maids can bring tiny purses to your wedding for their lipstick and Altoids, ha. They can bring their own evening bags, which do not have to match the other maids. Some purse styles that are hot right now are retro-looking wrist-strap bags and clutches. Emphasize that tiny is good for purses. Your bridesmaids won’t need their cell phones on your gigantic day.

Maybe a Gift

Accessories are a fantastic concept to give as bridesmaids’ gifts. Your gang of maids can wear those dangling crystalware earrings to your affair, and they’ll think of your gigantic day when they wear them in the future. If you really want your maids to wear an exact necklace on your wedding day, why not present it to them graciously?

Top 2016 trends in Wedding Jewelry

Are you getting married in 2016 but somehow don’t know what kind of jewelry you must buy for your bride or if you’re the bride and you don’t know what kind of jewelry you must buy to make you look splendid on your wedding. Most couples who are going to get married went through this same overwhelming state so it’s a common thing. Don’t worry though this article will shed some light for you on what are the latest 2016 wedding jewelry trends. I know you all want to stand out on your very important wedding day and following the latest trends by knowing what is hot and what is not will always make your buying decisions easier.


Elegant edges


Wearing those elegant edged jewels which comes with a tough side like dagger finishes and diamonds are trending heavily on social media especially in those wedding pictures. It leaves you Standing out pretty good and blend in perfectly with almost any dress.



Moon stones


Moon stones and opals gives you a more modern look, they also come with the perfect colors that usually fits in well with most wedding dresses such as platinum grey and champagne.


Raw cut


Raw stones, mother of pearl and diamond slices are also another set of jewelry that are trending right now. If you should even look in the jewelry stores you can see a lot of them on display, they are also really great for beach and more outdoor setting because they blend in nicely with nature. You can even buy a rough gemstone ring to top it off if you like in style.


Collar stay


Collar stays are now making a comeback on the scene again, wearing a strapless collar suit neckline or even one of the athletic crew neck can leave you standing out on your wedding day by giving you that minimalist and simple look instead of a lot of chains.


Yellow gold


White gold is still going to be the most dominant gold to be worn on your wedding day but now we are seeing an up surge in yellow gold as well.  Wearing yellow gold jewelry can make you look pretty fancy and unique and fits in nicely with the other jewelries on your body.



Personalized jewelry


Personalized jewelry in my opinion is one of the most trending topics these days. Most persons are rushing to luxury jewelry makers to get their wedding jewelry personalized to fit their needs with the proper design and colors, which can leave them looking pretty unique on their wedding day.


Mixture of eastern and western


Because of the internet and social media we are now more social than ever and are constantly interacting with persons from different parts of the world so we are closer than before. What this mean is that we are now seeing brides wearing a mixture of jewelries from different cultures when getting married and it leaves them looking pretty stylish and unique especially within the eastern and western hemispheres countries we all trading traditions.



So there you have it, I hope you find this pretty resourceful and it can help you in your state of confusion while choosing what jewelry to buy on your special wedding day.



Most popular Diamond Rings And Diamond Shapes

Diamond rings have come into their own. While always a choice for engagement rings and wedding bands, today they are also a choice as a right finger ring, and there are all kinds of diamond shapes to choose from. Let’s have a look at a few.

Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut has started to become popular very recently. The Asscher cut is today’s more up to date version of the earlier cushion cut. This stone is the square to a rectangular shape that has a flat table. Similarly to the cushion, the Asscher cut will have an open cutlet, which is the facet on the bottom of the diamond.

Round Brilliant Cut

This is the most classic and timeless of almost all diamond shapes. More than 75% of diamonds sold for engagement rings or in jewelry happen to be round brilliants. The round brilliant diamond is the most brilliant diamond shape known to man. A modern round brilliant always has 58 facets, whereas an antique round brilliant only has 57, because they are not faceted with cutlets.

Emerald Cut

Emerald Cuts are rectangular shaped diamonds with trimmed corners. Flaws are with less trouble noticed in this cut than others because emerald cuts have fewer facets and reflect less light. Emerald cuts have anywhere from 50 to 58 facets. Emerald cuts set in engagement rings are commonly found set with a smaller emerald cut on either side to balance out the design.

Marquise Cut

Marquise Cuts also have 58 facets, and other transparent stones can likewise be found in the marquise shape. When evaluating or shopping for a marquise, pay attention to sharp sides and points, as these could make it easy for the diamond to chip or damage. Narrow and long stones are more likely to break. The ideal ratio of length to width in marquise cuts is 1.5.

Heart Shape

The heart shape diamond is also a brilliant cut diamond with 57 facets. It is very similar to the pear shape. The only diversity will be that it possesses a cleft upon the top of it. The cleft is the part between one and the other half of the heart. The ideal shape for a heart is absolutely symmetrical. Color may be more easily seen at the corners of the heart shape.

Princess Cut

Princess Cuts will be square diamonds. These cuts are devised to give off the same amount of sparkle as a round brilliant. This shape was crafted relatively recently, in terms of industry history, and includes a rectangular or square table, which is the large flat facet at the top of the diamond. This is a popular style when setting in a solitaire engagement ring setting. A princess cut diamond will have anywhere from 45 to 58 facets.

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Diamonds aren’t always a girl’s friend: Four rules so brides look their best in wedding bling

It is true diamonds can look stunning on any bride’s finger, but only 46% of brides said a wedding band was essential for their ceremony. As many as 38 percent of brides prefer precious stones, Swarovski crystals, or gold bands. Brides can look great on their wedding day without their jewelry upstaging their gown on the big day.


What should you wear to look your best on your wedding day? There is so many stores that sell wedding jewelry, it is hard to know what you need to consider. However, keep these four rules in mind and you will look fabulous in any wedding bling you choose – no matter if it is something old, borrowed, or it glimmers and sparkles!


Remember your theme – It is best if you have a wedding theme before you decide to look for jewelry pieces. It can make your search for the right wedding jewelry, easier. Think about your wedding dress. Did you know subtly matching or playing off the color of your gown can sometimes make that wedding bracelet or necklace pop. If you have a white gown and don’t want to wear a diamond necklace, why not pair a pearl necklace or bracelet with your white gown. If the gown is a diamond white, it is not a true white. It is a little off-white and gold or silver works well with this color of gown. Maybe your gown is not even white, but a non-traditional pink, red or black. Experiment with pearls or Swarovski crystals for a fresh look.


Don’t forget the décolletage! – Match your jewelry to your dress’s neckline. For example, a strapless gown or one with a sweetheart neckline may not need a necklace. Why not focus on your ears instead and splurge with a pair of Swarovski crystal earrings? They’re clear and have enough sparkle to make your jewelry look great and you don’t have to overdo it on the bling! Your earrings may be the one focal point of your jewelry.


Stay true to your roots – Be yourself. If you are a cowgirl at heart and many of your wedding guests know it, there is no reason you cannot incorporate this into your ceremony. Why not wear that lariat necklace with your wedding dress? Your wedding is about you and your wedding jewelry needs to reflect this, too. If you don’t want feel comfortable in that halter gown with a diamond tennis bracelet on your wrist, opt for a vintage lace mermaid-style of gown that has a V-neckline. Choose jewelry pieces with which you are comfortable and that reflect your style.


Don’t make it complicated! – If you don’t know what to wear, there is no shame in asking a professional wedding planner or jeweler what they recommend. They may offer ideas that can help you better plan for your big day. There is nothing wrong with sticking with a classic strand of pearls for your neck or your wrist. It is true couples do spend more on engagement and wedding rings and the bride’s wedding gown. However, your wedding jewelry does not necessarily need to be equally expensive if you follow the adage of something old and borrowed! You can save money on your wedding jewelry by opting to wear your grandmother’s pearls or the family’s heirloom.


No matter what you choose, you can look good on your wedding day without worrying your wedding jewelry will overshadow your big day or your dress. You also may save money! Still, the main reason to look beyond the diamonds is to find wedding jewelry that brings out your personality – without sacrificing style!

Old, borrowed, and something liked makes the best wedding pieces

Weddings are times for brides to celebrate their family heritage and be proud to wear your grandmother’s strand of pearls. Not only does a family heirloom look great in wedding photos, it also means a bride may not need to spend a fortune on their wedding jewels.


Pearls are a timeless wedding classic and a good choice because they tend to go with almost any wedding dress. For brides, who like to follow the old ‘something old, something borrowed’ adage, they may be able to fulfill two requests with a single piece of jewelry.


What about something blue?


Who needs something blue when you have something well-liked? Many brides may not have the heirloom pieces to wear on the big day, nor can they afford to impress with their own diamond necklace. These days, a bride does not have to worry about the cost when they rent a pair of diamond earrings, for as little as $160.


The same diamond earrings may cost more than $10,000 to buy. “Renting jewelry is becoming a hot trend in the bridal world, said Ashley Amtmann, co-owner of Lemon & Lime Event Design. As many as 46% of brides say they want to show off their diamond wedding bands because they think to have diamonds is essential. Many brides may not be able to afford the cost of diamond wedding pieces.


Is something rented replacing something borrowed?


Many brides may want jewelry to make them feel special – at a fraction of the cost. Did you know that brides may not have an opportunity to wear something borrowed from their grandmother? They also may not have the beautiful jewelry, which they can afford to wear for only a few hours.


In many cases, a bride can find what she likes easily online – at a fraction of the rental cost. Who says you cannot look gorgeous in a white wedding gown that has minimal jewelry and looks perfect on a dress without a high neckline? Renting jewelry have slowly replaced the ‘something blue’ in a few years, as more brides try to look their best – for several hundred dollars.


Low cost and you do not have to fake it on your wedding day!


What is not to like about rental jewelry? The biggest drawback may be that a bride cannot wear jewelry pieces as frequently. Rented jewelry must be returned after your wedding ceremony. The bonus is that you can wear some of the most exquisite jewelry pieces, for a fraction of the cost. Did you know that 57% of brides favor quality over quantity of jewelry bling? They include the smaller diamonds they may have in their engagement or wedding rings?

If you cannot afford the rented jewelry pieces, you can always fake it. No one has to know that strand of pearls around your neck is not real. You can have a great wedding if you keep in mind that you can find something that looks old, is borrowed, and as you like – without the blue. Who cares if you love to wear several jewelry pieces?